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                        CRYPTO KEY SECURITY PROTOCOL
           Simple - Efficient - Secure

Our proprietary protocol to secure private (secret) keys
provides nonprofits and their contributors total peace of mind


NOTE: This protocol applies only when scheduled disbursements are requested by the donor or the beneficiary of a donation. 


1. Unique Public Key for each NPO: NPO receives a crypto key and the equivalent QR code to promote, both totally unique and specifically registered to one beneficiary to ensure donations go to the proper entity. 

2. Unique Secret Key for each Public Key: First half of code is sent to the beneficiary, while the second part of that code is stored by c2c, in a security safe. A four-digit code is created by the Beneficiary, and is to be used to trigger any unscheduled disbursement.

3. Backup: A hard copy of the Secret Key and the matching Public Key are placed in a secure bank deposit box (using more than one bank). In the event the Secret Key is misplaced, a two-signature approval (beneficiary & c2c) is required to access the safety box, or by a Court order, if necessary.


1. After any disbursement, scheduled or unscheduled, any balance is transferred to a brand new cold wallet and the process is started all over again, with new public and secret keys.

2. NPO provides two authorized individuals. Non-financial Special requests for funds must be made by both individuals.

3. All changes must be done in writing in order to take effect. NPO's both signatures must appear.

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