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               When Crypto Benefits From Human Touch


 c2c is proud to offer a very simple and secure way to protect crypto donations to NPOs.
Our "Total Deep Cold Storage" strategy eliminates the key weakness of the cryptocurrency environment, by adding a touch of conventional asset protection to coins & tokens.



It is a fact of life that the digital world is prone to hacking, and that includes the cryptocurrency environment. As that form of exchange grows worldwide, more and more hackers try to break the system, and some succeed. It does not happen every day, and when it does happen it rarely becomes news highlights - after all, no one in the industry wants to see the undermining of trust people are gradually putting into cryptocurrency. But hacking does happen, and as long as it remains totally digital, it will continue to happen. Instead of reading about all the times hackers were successful, simply run a Google search and you will get an overwhelming list.


The great majority of people who own coins/tokens have them held in online wallets. If your wallet is hosted on a third-party computer (including the cloud), or even on your computer connected to the internet, then it can be accessed. There is a saying in the crypto world: Who controls the key, owns the coins! If a wallet is held in a digital wallet, someone has control on it (however small the control is).


At c2c we understand the importance of protecting donations to nonprofit entities. We have created a proprietary in-house system to ensure donations awaiting disbursement are kept safe from hackers. Using a Deep Cold Storage approach, we added a solid element of state-of-the-art encryption resulting in phenomenal security, much higher than what is available in the digital world. Adding a human-touch element to the digital process not only reinforces the safe storage of cryptocurrencies, it eliminates its vulnerability.


Cold storage refers to having a digital wallet offline. There are typically three levels:
1. Cold storage refers to the process of storing coins/tokens offline, although the private keys associated with this process may be online and/or exposed to the internet at some time during the generation process.
2. Deep cold storage is a type of cold storage where not only are coins/tokens stored offline, but also the system that holds the bitcoins was never online or connected to any network. The private keys associated with that system were generated in offline systems, and the signing process of the transactions is also made in offline systems. In other words, the systems used in this type of storage never touch the Internet: they are created offline, stored offline, and are offline when signing transactions.
3. c2c Total Deep Cold Storage refers to the need of combining two separate offline encrypted keys (one held by c2c, the other by the beneficiary directly or through a Power of Attorney) in order to reveal the Private Key necessary to transact (liquidate for cash or other currency) any number of the coins/tokens help in the related wallet. Furthermore, the Private Key is used only once; the balance, if any, is immediately transferred to a brand new offline wallet subjected to the same whole security process. 


The nature of the Total Deep Cold Storage advantages the medium to long term storage of cryptocurrency. It is not meant to be used for short term storage (less than one month).


Although there could be other options available in the future for all types of coins and tokens, the present system is built around the generation of offline (or cold) wallets. At this point in time, we offer a cold wallet option for over 200 cryptocurrency, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Golem,  Monero, Ripple.